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For those of you who don't have a full-time accountant on staff, Frazer manages your sale and inventory posts for you so you can still have an accurate profit & loss statement.

And for those who want to dive a little deeper, you can enter bank deposits, expenses, reconcile your bank statement, enter manual posts, run detailed general ledger reports, and much more!

Entering Expenses

Frazer makes it easy to enter checks and ACH expenses, all trackable within our Vendor portal. You can also post expenses and other transactions directly to the general ledger.

Reconciling Statements

Frazer keeps a running check register with which you can easily reconcile the statement from your bank. With one click, transactions can be cleared so that mistakes or double posts can be easily identified and fixed.

Vendor Management

Frazer keeps track of your vendors all in one place, so you can enter expenses or cut checks quickly. You can also look up a vendor's bill history, and print your checks right from Frazer.

Year-End Reports

Looking for your Profit & Loss income statement? Your balance sheet? In addition to the many detailed reports that may be pulled from Frazer, we have a list of specially selected year-end reports to make tax time a breeze.

Print Checks

No more hand-writing your checks! Paying your bills has never been easier than it will be once you start using more of Frazer's accounting features. Print computer checks in 3-part or voucher style.

Transfer to Quickbooks

Although Frazer's accounting system is robust and designed for used car dealerships, some bookkeepers are more familiar with Quickbooks. Frazer can export your accounting data into a format that can be imported into Quickbooks for your convenience.

​Want a Sneak Peek?

Check Out Our Accounting Playlists on Frazer's Tutorial YouTube Channel:

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Since 1985, Frazer has been helping independent car dealers achieve success with our award-winning dealer management software. Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to earn the trust of over --,--- independent dealers throughout the United States.

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