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Dealer Management Software

America's DMS, trusted by More Than --,--- Used Car Dealers across all 50 States.

Hosted Frazer

Frazer at your Fingertips

Hosted Frazer is an online version of Frazer DMS enhanced to offer more accessibility and location independence.

Your Hosted Frazer database is located on a secure remote cloud server managed and supported by Frazer.


The New Electronic Payments Solution

Could your dealership benefit from saving time and money while making it easier than ever for your customers to make payments at the dealership, over the phone and online?

Introducing FrazerPay, the new payments solution built and supported by Frazer.

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Dealer Management Software

For Used Car Dealers Like You.

  • Used by over --,--- used car dealers across all 50 states
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Processing
  • Forms Printing
  • Buy Here Pay Here
  • Full Accounting Suite
  • Access from Anywhere with our Hosted option
  1. Simple.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Smart.

Simple. Reliable. Smart.

Inventory Management

Take the headache out of managing your dealership. Quickly add vehicles and costs, search your vehicle screen, and pull inventory reports.

  • VIN Decoding
    Don't enter all that data yourself. Just key the VIN into Frazer and our VIN decoder will tell you what you need to know about that car.
  • Photos
    Those online ads don't do you any good without beautiful pictures showing off your cars. Frazer allows you to take as many pictures as you want, and we store them for you at no charge. Did we mention that we make it easy to take all your pictures with our integrated mobile app, Frazer Sidekick?
  • Automated Internet Advertising
    Frazer integrates with hundreds of automotive classifieds, dealer websites, and other digital marketing companies. Ask about bundling your Frazer subscription with a website from our partners at Dealer Car Search.
  • Valuations & History Reports
    JD Power (formerly NADA Guides), Kelley Blue Book, and Black Book valuations are easy add-ons to your Frazer subscription. Easily pull Vehicle History Reports from our partners at Carfax and AutoCheck.
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The Frazer Mobile App- Never Lose Touch With Your Inventory.

The perfect companion to the Frazer DMS.
Learn About Sidekick

Free with your Frazer subscription.

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Sales Processing

Save and manage prospects, close sales and make money while Frazer does the rest.

  • Desking
    Let Frazer do the math so you can stay focused on the customer experience while presenting pricing, financing and product options. Quickly and easily adjust financing and payment terms to suit the various needs of your customers and lenders.
  • Financing Partners & Portals
    Submit prospects to industry leading finance companies directly through Frazer to help your customers find the financing options that work for them.
  • Credit Reports
    Simple and powerful integrations with 700 Credit make it easy to access credit reports and other credit solutions that help with financing decisions.
  • F&I Integrations
    Seamlessly connect Frazer with F&I providers when offering products like service contracts, GAP, auto insurance and more.
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We help our Dealers succeed.

Here's what some of them have to say about us.

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5 star rating

"This company has the best support of any company that I have ever dealt with, I have used this program for many many years and have never had any problems."

5 star rating

"Total Satisfaction and the best service in the software business."

5 star rating

"They are just exceptional. We have been with Frazer for 20 years and I can't think of a single bad experience with them."

5 star rating

"Frazer makes putting a deal together simple. It also makes tracking inventory and costs simple. The reports and daily paperwork are by far better than anything we’ve used."

Buy Here Pay Here

Manage payments, collections, customer contact, repairs and more.

  • Automated Credit & Debit Transactions
    Integrations with FrazerPay and PayMyCar make it easy to process payments and let your customers pay online.
  • GPS / Starter Interrupt Integrations
    Connect GPS and starter interrupt devices from industry leading companies to Frazer to help keep track of vehicles.
  • Collateral Protection Insurance
    Automatically sync payments for Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) and other recurring fees with your customers' regular payment schedules.
  • Multiple Communication Options
    Stay in contact with your customers while ensuring compliance through integrations with Solutions by Text and Textmaxx Pro.
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Frazer At Your Fingertips- Take Frazer Online With Hosted.

A flexible option for our amazing software.
Learn About Hosted

More ways to run your Dealership.

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Forms Printing

Quickly and easily print the forms required to close a sale.

  • Retail Installment Contracts
    Attorney reviewed white paper retail installment contracts included with most Frazer systems.
  • Standard Forms
    All Frazer systems include FTC Buyers Guides, Buyer's Order/Bill of Sale and other common state forms, including title applications.
  • Free Forms Programming
    Free programming of custom forms used by your dealership.
  • Additional Forms
    Subscriptions to white paper Bankers Systems forms, LAW Contracts and other form collections are available.
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Simple. Reliable. Smart.

Our Commitment to Excellence Drives Us

Since 1985, Frazer has been helping independent car dealers achieve success with our award-winning dealer management software. Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to earn the trust of over --,--- independent dealers throughout the United States.

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Full Accounting Suite

Take the headache out of your dealership's finances with built-in accounting features and reporting.

  • Chart of Accounts
    Frazer is equipped with a full accounting suite including a detailed and customizable general ledger chart of accounts to help keep your business records accurate.
  • Money In, Money Out
    Enter bills and expenses, record deposits, print checks and reconcile your bank statement.
  • Accounting Reports
    Quickly generate income statements, balance sheets and other useful accounting reports.
  • QuickBooks Transfer
    Effortlessly transfer data to your QuickBooks account.
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